Arpe successfully concludes its SMART-MASK project  


Arpe has concluded the SMART-MASK project after 9-months of joint developments with  CeNTI which resulted in a fully functional prototype of a smart face mask to fight COVID-19. The project was made possible thanks to the financial and technical support from  SmartEEs.

SmartEEs is a European acceleration program, co-funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 R&D&I programme, aiming to support European companies to pursue new market opportunities by developing novel products integrating flexible electronics.

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The SMART-MASK prototype consists in a smart hygienic face mask, with a resistive yarn pattern on the inner layer and customized electric interconnections for powering it up. It uses heat to denature and deactivate viruses within short timeframes by self-heating the facemasks. The prototype is composed by 3 parts:
1.  The facemask: That is composed of three different layers
2. The controlling electronics module
3. The Mobile App, which displays all the information for user interaction with the facemask

The SMARK-MASK opens up new possibilities to ARPE towards smart textiles/wearables end-uses, contributing to broaden its portfolio of products.

The SMART-MASK prototypes were tested and validated at CeNTI premises in Vila Nova de Famalicão (Portugal). The company is now testing the products with its customers and analyzing the scaling-up.

Arpe, como miembro de la AEI Tèxtils (el clúster de materiales textiles avanzados de Cataluña), recibió su apoyo, que fue clave en la implementación y éxito del proyecto.

The cluster, with know-how in the advanced textile materials’ sector and with expertise in strategic re-orientation within this field, will continue collaborating with Arpe towards novel developments and further scaling-up. 

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