Business Policy.

Arpe’s business policy is an essential corporate element which integrates and inspires commitment to meet interested parties needs through responsible management from the three-pronged area of Social economic and environmental Responsibility.
The Management believes that it is necessary to present its principle’s action in an Integrated Policy procedure (quality, environment and social) as well as the mission and vision. To guide and inspire the company’s actions and to reveal the organization’s public commitment to all the groups of interest.
Therefore, we manifest that the Company mission is to keep the European leadership in the microfiber fabrics customization for promotional business our vision is to become a world reference in the creativity, design and innovation of new customized textiles for the promotional market.
In order to fulfill our goals, to assure the high quality of our products and services, to protect the environment and to promote social values, Arpe is committed to introduce and maintain the Environmental and Quality Integrated Management System based on the UNE-EN-ISO-14001 and UNE-EN-ISO-9001 standards.
To put these principles into practice, Arpe’s Management agrees to:
· The main purpose of the company’s activity is to satisfy the interested parties with products and services into the highest possible quality. All developed in the ecodesign premises and rotary economy.
· To comply with the Global Recycled Quota Standard (GRS), custody chain, social and environmental practices and chemical restrictions.
· In October 2020, we joined the United Nations Global Compact (an ethical stewardship) which commits us to contribute on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) achivement.
· To assure the materials provision from the framework of Social Responsibility and guaranteeing their quality.
· To consolidate the company and its workplaces in order to provide stability to Arpe’s staff.
· To train, prepare and sensitize the staff members to successfully to face the policy, mission and vision of the company.
· To seek innovation and on-going improvement as a reply to the interested parties needs, the environment protection and prevention of pollution.
· To expand this policy to all levels of the organization, customers, suppliers and other groups of interest.
· To take the necessary measures to meet the legal requirements applied to the developed activities, as well as all of the requirements of the implemented Management System.
· To define and revise, periodically, the established goals in meeting this policy, within the framework of the process of on-going improvement of the organization’s actions.
· To improve continuously the effectiveness of the Quality and Environment Integrated Management System, while considering the social aspects brought into the company.
Arpe’s Management Team

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