Our Zero Waste Bags: the future

We start this new year with a revolutionary product that is, for sure, the future. Or, at least, it needs to be. Our Zero Waste Bags are the unquestionable alternative to plastic bags or any bags that are wasteful and temporary. Single-use items are not an option anymore. Think about it. What’s the point of using new materials, new energies and new products if we can reuse our previous ones? Our planet cannot sustain our processes and actions anymore, so it’s time to give back some of what we have taken away.


For shopping, for storing, for traveling, for packing, for gifting, for everything… use and reuse your own bag, and the same bag! And what if these reusable bags have already been reused? Sustainability 360 and circularity are the way to go!

Our Zero Waste Bags are manufactured with fabric made with polyester yarn from post-consumer rPET bottles. In other words, our Zero Waste Bags are equivalent to hundreds of recycled plastic bottles. These are melted down and reduced to create microfiber, also called polyester yarn, ready to be used again. And how do we use it? We take these super-thin yarns to our factory near Barcelona and turn them into big pieces of fabric. Big pieces that are now a blank canvas full of possibilities. One of them: our Zero Waste Bags.

Our Zero Waste Bags come with a printable fabric where you can write and illustrate anything you want. Recipes, instructions, slogans, logos, new campaigns… these bags become an extra marketing resource for your brand, adding a whole lot of value and personality to it and never forgetting this sustainability 360 we talked about. Because we use recycled fabric, and we also use inks OEKO-TEX certified. If we do it, we do it right.

The Zero Waste Bags are multipurpose and versatile, thought for any moment and occasion. They are resistant and lightweight, making them the perfect alternative to reduce single-use plastics and showcase the best version of your brand. Being sustainable doesn’t mean sacrificing design, quality or brand awareness. In fact, it improves all of it and it impacts our dearest planet and our close ones positively. What else do you need?

Withe mesh fabric without printing or dyeing

Mesh and granite fabric with digital printing 

Recycled Suede fabric with digital printing or hot stamping (not grey rPET)

Mesh and granite fabric with digital printing

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